As Gen Z and Millennials looked for every imaginable way to relieve the stresses created by 2020, a recent survey showed music at #1 while reading made a strong showing at #8, beating out food/beverages (10), cooking (12), and marijuana (11). (YPulse)

What’s been “Like Therapy” for 13-39 year olds in 2020?

  1. Music
  2. Talking to family / friends
  3. Exercising
  4. Meditating
  5. Watching TV / movies / Netflix / YouTube
  6. Video/ mobile games
  7. Sleeping
  8. Reading
  9. Art and crafts
  10. Food / beverages
  11. Weed/ marijuana
  12. Cooking / baking
  13. Alone time
  14. Work
  15. Pets



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