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Do you have a new product you’re getting ready to launch? Or do you just need a great video quickly and at a good price?  Maybe you need a one-page for sales conference or a “big idea” to breath new life into your next campaign.

Whether you need a few services to complement your team, or our “all-hands-on-deck” service where you get an instant in-house marketing team, we can deliver turn-key services tailored to your needs.

These services include market research and product development, brand strategy, marketing plan creation, “big idea” messaging ideation, graphic design, copy/scriptwriting, and content production for digital, print, radio, or TV.

In addition we specialize in grassroots and experiential marketing – introducing your new product directly to your audience, where they live.

Finally, our digital and PR team will tell your story through key influencers in social media and traditional media outlets in a manner that generates massive viral impact.

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Custom Research

At 80+ million, the Millennial generation has surpassed the Boomers as the largest generation in the US. The Boomer generation’s buying and donating power is diminishing as the Millennials grow into the workplace.

Our team will help you find the actionable insights that will drive your strategy to enlist this generation in support of your brand, product, or non-profit. And with online research capabilities making custom research much more affordable and quicker, it makes critical custom research accessible to any Millennnial marketing plan.

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Brand Strategy

Millennials do not function in a linear way the way generations have done in the past.  Their constant digital and mobile engagement allows them to interact with brands more directly and at a faster rate than ever before.  But while they are deeply connected via social media, they are best impacted by brands within one-on-one real life experiences (see experiential marketing) backed by integrated digital.

This requires a whole new way of thinking about strategy if you wish to engage this generation.  Fortunately, we have seasoned strategists with hands on experiences with this generation ready to help you navigate your brand or nonprofit to victory.

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Experiential Marketing

A new Pew Research study touts that 78% of Millennials are more inclined to become part of a brand if they have face-to-face interaction.  This is where a greater emphasis on experiential as a primary (and necessary) marketing tactic comes into play. Millennials demand it.

Our special sauce is getting real-time interaction between your brand and the Millennials.  That’s why early on we made the investment to get on campuses and hangouts where Millennials are, to provide a channel for Millennials to have one-on-one memorable interactions with your brand.

And with the increasing sophistication of online capabilities to enhance and extend the live interactions, experiential marketing is becoming THE tool to reach this wonderfully finicky generation.

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Trend conscious and eclectic, Millennials are huge on experiencing a 360 view of the brands and causes they choose to partner with.  Visuals are king, but organic and authenticity is as defining.  “Living, breathing” multi-dimensional brands are vital to connect with college and Millennials to achieve long-term loyalty.

Our creative team, who are mostly Millennials, live at the intersection of research, strategy, and crazy ideation filtered through their world view of being Millennials.

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If your campaigns or programs are not created to be experienced with mobile first in mind, then you can kiss goodbye any kind of significant response from this generation.  With nearly 100% smartphone saturation within the Millennials, triaging of all their communication occurs via their mobile devices.

Our team is made up of rarefied digital native Millennials who somehow have learned to speak English so that the rest of us can understand.  You’ll find that skill to be as important as any in helping you reach your goals.

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