We will introduce your business or nonprofit to all of our relationships with college and Millennial influencers we’ve made over the last 15+ years.  We call these relationships our College Network.

These are a goldmine of the most influential college and Millennial-focused campus organizations, administrators, students, and media available.

Our team works with your team to create a mobilizing campaign, tailored to your budget, and launch via the entire extent of our college network in order to exceed your objectives.


Our College Network includes:

  • Over 4,200 undergrad colleges nationwide with a database of college gatekeepers including administrators, faculty, student activity directors, campus ministers, chaplains, para-church pastors, pastor’s of college age programs at churches, and athletic directors their staffs.
  • We reach the 8+ million undergrad college students (out of 22+ million undergrad students) that identify themselves as Christians and spiritual seekers in key DMAs.
  • Over 5,000 students in leadership positions including sorority and fraternity leaders, student activity coordinators, campus ministry student leaders, cause leaders, academic and service organization leaders, etc.
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  • We can conduct peer-to-peer and community mobilizing projects through our campus rep program on over 750 campuses.
  • Our network includes over 100 college student online and print newspapers including over 500+ editors in key markets.
  • We also have access to over 250 college radio stations in key markets (online and broadcast).
  • We maintain a proprietary online college student community of 10,000 students who we pull from to gather insights for our clients about students purchasing patterns, entertainment preferences, lifestyle choices, communication habits, belief systems, and more.
  • We offer access to a list of top 100+ faith-inspired college student and gatekeeper blogger influencers whose monthly readership exceeds 2.5 million college student and gatekeeper readers.
  • We can reach seminary and theological colleges gatekeepers and students on over 120 seminary campuses representing 15+ denominations and non-denominational organizations.

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