Show Hope Foundation

Red Bus Project

Show Hope, Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman’s orphan care nonprofit, asked us to help them start a movement of college students sold-out to caring about orphans. So, we helped them turn a double-decker red bus into a rolling thrift store and took it to campuses.  Students could give or buy clothes on the bus and learn more about how they can advocate for orphans.  A follow-up engagement campaign establishing Red Bus Project chapters ensured the movement continued well after the bus had left campus and continues to grow up the next generation of Show Hope donors. Check out a video snapshot here.

Universal Pictures

Evan Almighty

Universal Pictures challenged us to drive college students to see the sequel to Bruce Almighty – only 30 days before release date! So we did. We did a blitzkrieg tour of 22 campuses in 20 days.  The Evan Almighty college campaign resulted in a 23% increase in college viewers in markets we visited vs. similar markets, a 150% increase in college audience Facebook Fans, and the first movie promotion done for free at the Bonnaroo festival.  So yeah, we know how to mobilize the college market in a hurry and deliver great results at the same time.


New Living Translation

Ok, we know what you are saying: “Hey that’s easy to build an audience for fun movies, but can you build an audience for less sexy stuff like a Bible translation?” Yep. We take great pride in making unconventional campaigns for brands in conventional categories.  The great folks at Tyndale wanted to introduce the New Living Translation to the millennial generation but wanted more than just to hand out a sampler.  We came up with the first college multi-media student-generated devotional, created by students for students and delivered weekly online.  We toured 50 college campuses to gather student-generated writing, video, art, and more.  This content was edited into weekly devotionals that were delivered to students via email or mobile.  As a result, the NLT was exposed to over 100,000 college students with over 5,000 generating content.

Random House

David Platt/Radical

Random House wanted to expose campus ministers, church college pastors, denominational college leaders, and college para-church organizational leaders (Cru, BCMs, Intervarsity, etc.) to David Platt’s newly released Radical in the hopes of stirring awareness, sampling and purchase by gatekeepers that could trickle down to student awareness.

We developed a gatekeeper and student campaign that distributed over 10,000 Radical samplers via our Speak Up College tour and engaged our top 250 college gatekeepers in a Radical-driven promo package. In addition, an online campaign to over 4,000 college gatekeepers extended the reach of the campaign.

During the tour, we visited over 50 college bookstores and pitched them to order and prominently display Radical in their store.


New Imprint Launch

We were excited to be a part of helping InterVarsity launch their new millennial market imprint, Likewise to the college market.

Leveraging our relationships with college-related ministers and ministries, we developed a gatekeeper kit that introduced the Likewise imprint and its authors to this new channel of millennial ministry resources. We targeted our top 250 gatekeepers with a special kit, and a follow-up call and email campaign obtained feedback from 85% of the gatekeepers. In addition, we conducted an email awareness campaign to over 4,000 college gatekeepers driving them to the Likewise site to discover the new imprint.

Finally, we met with 100 top gatekeepers as part of our Speak Up College tour and provided client with extensive feedback, endorsements, and promotional footage.

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