Recently, Walmart (yes Walmart!) hosted a big e-commerce event on TikTok’s LIVE streaming platform.

TikTok continues rolling out its new “shoppable” TikTok livestream events which feature some of the red-hot platform’s top creators. Dubbed the “Holiday Shop-Along Spectacular,” the one-hour program showcased creators performing while promoting apparel brands carried by Walmart.

What makes this live stream cool for marketers is viewers were able to click on the livestream to get more info about a product and then purchase it without leaving TikTok. This allows Walmart (and ultimately you) to track the power of creator content to directly drive sales.

TikTok is hottest with Gen Z users, boasting over 62% of the 100+ million US users or 62 million (I did that math on a calculator).

60% of TikTok users are in marketer’s dream demo of 16-24 years old.

A partnership with apparel e-commerce solution Teespring is in beta and soon you will have the opportunity to sell merch on TikTok, too.

TikTok is an incredibly powerful platform to engage and sell your brands to Gen Z. However, it’s critical to develop a specific strategy unique to this channel to be successful. TikTok is not a social where you simply re-purpose your Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram videos. Content will achieve your objectives when it’s based on first watching and listening over time to the rhythm, nuances, and vibe of this rich channel. On TikToc, your content’s soundtrack, visual filters, humor, and authenticity ARE your message.

HootSuite, the leading social media platform manager, has some good basics if you’re considering getting started on TikTok. Check their article out here.

Photo Illustration: Trent Joaquin from AdWeekly

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