Let’s face it. The Boomer generation is graying…

The Boomer generation that currently drives the majority of all donations is graying and retiring quickly.  Non-profits are already feeling the loss of donations and are questioning how to attract the next generation of donors who don’t seemed to be motivated to give via traditional campaigns.

The top three factors that motivate Millennials to get involved in a cause are passion, meeting people and enhancing their expertise. They do indeed practice giving their time, talent and treasure, but Millennials want to lend their knowledge, expertise and time to help nonprofits. Actually, 48 percent of Millennials say they prefer using their background experience or skills to volunteer for a nonprofit.

And this generation gives. Research shows that 87 percent of Millennials made some form of financial gift to an organization in 2014.

We major in helping you find the right way to engage with college students and Millennials. Our goal is to help you find a proprietary pipeline of Millennial donors who give of their passion, time, network, and money.

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