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If you’re looking for a simple and cost-effective way to reach college students without much effort on your part, Kyros provides a range of on-going programs designed to help brands, causes, and ministries get your message directly to the students and mobilize them in support of your efforts.

With most of these programs, we merge 5-7 different, non-competing brands, causes, and ministries together into a single thematic campaign that gives each participant what they want. In addition, the sum of all the clients together create a larger, more interesting story to entice students to stop what they are doing and engage.

Having multiple participants provides a great entry-level opportunity to reach college students/millennials, while reducing the expense to each client.

Speak Up College Tour

Now in it’s 10th season, the Speak Up College Tour is a 50 campus tour where we customize an on-campus student experience to deliver preferred results for our clients. From book trailer placements to first chapter sampling, sidewalk art to wild postering, awareness to student activations, blanketing campus to survey feedback, speaking at convocations to classrooms, Speak Up College tour sponsors enjoy the services of an experienced team spending an entire day on 50 campuses engaged with students and gatekeepers telling them the story of your brands and mobilizing them in support of your brand.

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Gatekeeper Program

Reach all types of campus gatekeepers with a online and on-campus campaign customized to your brand. From gatekeeper kits customized to tell your brand story delivered to specific type of gatekeepers in targeted markets to face-to-face meetings where your brand is shared in a persuasive environment by someone the gatekeeper knows and trusts, to book trailers shown at top events.

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Campus Reps

Extend the reach of your brand via peer-to-peer and community promotions conducted by our campus student reps on over 750 campuses. These are students who are trained, equipped and empowered to tell your brand story directly to their peers and to their community through creative word-of-mouth campaigns.

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Custom College Tours

We take everything we’ve learned from a decade of touring college campuses and put together a customized strategy to help your brand reach it’s goals.

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