Every once in awhile a campaign comes along that is truly innovative. Doritos introduction of their two new Jacked flavors fits the bill.  Ok, I’ll wait while you go get a bag to munch on while you finish this story.

Doritos wanted a sampling campaign with a twist: They wanted consumers to have to purchase the product prior to sampling it. Who wouldn’t want that? But how did they pull that off?

They used existing mobile technology to create a relevant experience for consumers which included them scanning a Dorito (which means they had to buy a pack of Doritos) in order to gain exclusive access to a much anticipated movie trailer and music downloads from hot artists. Brilliant!

dorito scanning

Yeah, but we’re not Doritos. We don’t have their cool product and huge budget.

Nope, you don’t.

But you do have the ability to find content in your company or via partnerships you can offer exclusively that is highly sought after by your audience and deliver it wrapped neatly in a great experience that drives interest and eventually purchases of your product.  And mobile is THE way to reach especially college students who would feel naked without their smartphones.

So, why fiddle with mobile?  Let’s crunch some numbers:

  • Nearly two thirds of adults own smartphones.  Ownership percentage is much higher in 18-29 year olds.
  • 93% of smartphone users go on to purchase a product after they research it on their phone.
  • In stores, 82% of mobile users turn to their smartphone to research purchases.
  • After reading about a product while waiting in line to checkout, 1 in 4 smartphone user has changed their mind about a product due to information they find on their phone.

Mobile marketing is a key way to engage your audience today.  And there are plenty of cost-effective technology solutions for smaller marketing budgets to be able to add (and eventually lead with) mobile strategies.  We’ll look at those solutions in a future post.

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