Many non-profits overlook the Millennial generation and ignore them because they assume that they don’t have any money and/or interest in supporting their cause. Who better to hear from on this topic than a millennial that also happens to specialize in community engagement and marketing for non-profits? We stumbled on Coleen Dilenschneider and her blog, Know Your Own Bone. Coleen is the Chief Engagement Officer for IMPACTS, a global leader in predictive market intelligence and related technologies.

Check out her 6 sad truths about fundraising she learned by being both a Millennial and a donor:

Colleen: “I am a Millennial donor and I exist”.


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Morgan Presley is a graduate of Coastal Carolina University, where she earned a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Community and Human Services. While earning her undergraduate degree, she worked in a non-profit afterschool program, teaching 1st grade, as well as the combined 5th/6th and 7th/8th grade classes. This role helped her develop successful strategies for working with the youngest Millennials, as well as Gen Z kids, and allowed her to practice many skills that are helpful in working with orphaned children, which is one of her greatest passions. After completing her undergrad, Morgan was selected to intern with Show Hope, and traveled as a member of the Red Bus Project team. She continues to represent Kyros on college tours, and has also worked as videographer and photographer on the road. In her role as Program Coordinator, she has helped develop education and communication programs to continue engaging college students in the work of non-profit clientele. Morgan brings more than 10 years’ experience working with young Millennials and Gen Z, creating and implementing program strategies in an assortment of ministry and mentoring roles.